Top 5 Places for the Best Tandoori Momos in Delhi

Best Tandoori Momos in Delhi

There is MOMOS. Than there is Tandoori MOMOS!!!! *Slurp Slurp*

Since the time this tibetian delicacy has entered the Indian street food market, it has made a special place in our hearts…..and tummy!!!! You can find Momos in every nook and corner of Delhi’s street, and even at the cafes and restaurants. The smokey flavoured Tandoori Momos, when dipped in spicy chutney, is a treat for the taste buds! To make sure you treat yourself with the BEST TANDOORI MOMOS IN DELHI, we recommend you following 5 places:

Not so popular joint, but totally deserves to be on our list of Best Tandoori Momos in Delhi. HBO is a small outlet located just opposite the Jamia Milia Islamia metro station. The momos are dipped in white chapatti (sour and spicy) sauce and served with hot spicy chutney. You can also try their biryani; cherry on the cake!!! 😀

Hunger Break Out Tandoori Momos Best copy


4. QD’s Restaurant

Did you know? QD’s was the birth place of Tandoori Momos!!! We bet you didn’t.  Although the Momos doesn’t taste the same what it used to be, but it is still a go-to place when we think about Tandoori Momos. Have you been here lately?

QD's Tandoori Momos Delhi



For all the vegetarians out there, this is the place to be for that perfect Tandoori Momos in Delhi. Unlike the usual, Honey’s veg serves you with lip-smacking vegetarian tandoori momos that are difficult to find and easy to digest! No color, rich filling, well tandoored and a thin layer of cashew nut paste with some chaat masala over the top makes them a party in your mouth. And yes, their green chutney rocks the party completely.
Honey's Veg Tandoori Momos Best Delhi


A small shop in ND market serving more than 100+ varieties of momos. Whatever kind of momos you like: Tandoori/ Steamed/ Afghani; this place serves the best of all of them.
Best Tandoori Momos in Delhi



Located in Hudson Lane, Echoes is a place run by hearing and speech impaired staff. Apart from this amazing concept, Echoes is also known for its food and ambience…and of course, the Tandoori Momos.

Picture by: Foodiepanda

Picture by: Foodiepanda


What’s your favorite place for Best Tandoori Momos in Delhi? Let us know in the comments below.

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