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Experienced “Aao dikhau tumhe aande ka funda” for real. What’s on my yellow plate? Jalandhari Chicken Omelette from Rahul Eggs, Keshav Puram.

Any Egg Enthusiasts here? This place is for you. Rahul Eggs, a 27 years old shop located in Keshav Puram serves more than 350 varieties of Omelette. Rahul Mehra started this place at the age of 17 to earn bread and butter for his family through the tough times. What started as a way to earn living and support his family, soon became his passion and a full time profession.

Back in 1989, Rahul Eggs was started with only 2 variety of Eggs (Plain omelette and Egg bhurji), and today the same place is known for its 350 varieties of Omelette. His inspiring story has been featured and recognized by various newspaper and online magazines. Rahul’s story is a perfect example of Passion and commitment.

After going through the four page long menu, I was left confused about what to pick. I asked Rahul what would he recommended, and the answer was “Jalandhari Chicken Omelette”. Now the name itself makes it irresistible. I ordered it going by his recommendation and guess what? It was the most delicious omelette I have ever had. YOU CANNOT MISS IT.



What to order? The two of the most famous dishes they serve are Jalandhari Chicken Omelette and Egg Monaco. I personally recommend the Jalandhari Chicken Omelette (Buttered Omelette stuffed with chicken tikka and a lot of cheese and topped with mayonnaise and tomato gravy). Thank me later.

Cost? Rs.150 for Jalandhari Chicken Omelette.

Where? Just below the Keshav Puram Metro station Gate 1.

P.S Dilli mein reh ke Rahul Eggs pe Omelette nahi khaya…to kuch nahi khaya.

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