This Restaurant Serves the Best Afghani & Tandoori Chicken in North Delhi

Best Afghani Chicken in Delhi

Can you ever resist melt-in-your-mouth Afghani Chicken? You obviously can’t, right?

A plate full of well marinated, and cooked Afghani chicken can sweep anybody off their feet in seconds.

The capital is overflowing with a number of restaurants and food-joints that serve this star dish. Hence, we are always on the lookout for places that serve the perfect plate of our favourite chicken. Our recent pilgrimage in search of such a place brought us to a restaurant in North Delhi that serves one of the best Afghani chicken in the area.

GTB Nagar‘s Grain Bell Restaurant is the hidden gem that will satiate your tastebuds with its Afghani chicken, without even burning a hole in your pockets (Rs.175 for Half Plate).

Thinking what’s special about it, then imagine a plate full of tender chicken with the right amount of cream, cashew nut paste and masalas. Makes you drool, right? So, head over to this hidden gem right away!

MYP Recommends: Afghani Chicken, Tandoori Chicken & Butter Chicken

Grain Bell Restaurant
Where: 1, DDA Market, Outram Lines, GTB Nagar, New Delhi.
Nearest Metro Station : GTB Nagar (Gate Number 2) 

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