This Place in Chawri Bazaar has been serving a unique Fruit Sandwich since 1948

Jain Coffee House Jain Coffee House


What’s on my yellow plate? Fruit Sandwich from Jain Coffee House. Situated beside granary in Old Delhi’s Chawri Bazar, Jain coffee house is a hidden gem of Old Delhi. Anil and Pawan Jain have been selling these mouth watering fruit Sandwiches since 1948 at the same spot. It isn’t easy to spot, as it is hidden inside the labyrinth alleys of Old Delhi. In fact it is so well hidden that for many years only the locals knew about this place.
Two Slices of white bread coated with butter and then stuffed with strawberry, pineapple, mango, grapes, apple and a slice of Paneer (Cottage Cheese), makes it unique and a delicacy you can’t find anywhere else in the capital. It tempts you as you watch your sandwich being prepared right in front of you.

Jain Coffee House

Jain Coffee House

You can choose your fruits from pineapple, chiku (sapota), apple, bananas and grapes depending on the season, but you can grab drool worthy mango sandwiches throughout the year. A MUST MUST EAT AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. .

Location: Get down at Chawri Bazaar Metro and walk towards Nai Sarak; in between you’ll find Raghuganj entrance on your left, before Nai Sadak. Walk through that narrow lane which will open into a small courtyard. Jain Coffee House is located in the corner at the far left just adjacent to the Punjab National Bank ATM.
Timings: 10 AM – 9PM

Jain Coffee House

Jain Coffee House

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